If You Think All CRMs Are The Same,
Think Again!

Oplogic is a premier CRM provider offering patented services which enhance dealership performance and customer experience through integrated solutions.

The Best CRMS Are Simple To Use &
Increase Dealer Profits.

We connect auto dealers to their customers, assist in fraud prevention, offer simple mobile access, and make it easy for your staff to generate more sales and service opportunities.



Dealerships are Unique

Oplogic recognizes that not all dealership processes are the same, so our CRM Platform allows dealer clients to customize various components to meet specific dealer operational needs.

Access the Oplogic CRM via any Mobile Device

Mobile Device Friendly

With Oplogic, team members can enter customer information and authenticate via their cell phones, and management can remotely access the system via the Internet from any location to monitor activity.

Prevent Fraud Loss

A patented Oplogic process scans various consumer IDs to authenticate customers identity and to minimize fraud and losses for dealers. Oplogic also monitors State Repeat Offender databases.

Discover For Yourself How Powerful Oplogic Can Be For Your Dealership

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