Customer Support

In any industry, we recognize that the biggest companies are not always the best and that every business needs to find solutions that meet their particular needs and budget.

That also carries over to support departments, where Oplogic really shines. Our successful track record of happy clients and a responsive support team based in Michigan stand ready to offer 24 x 7 assistance when it’s needed.  Our team members are fully trained in all aspects of our solutions so they are more than capable of resolving issues correctly in a timely fashion.

Also, our software developers work closely with our support team to ensure everyone is up-to-date with the latest versions and upgrades implemented through our various elements.  Oplogic staff is present during all installations for our clients, and quarterly performance reviews are included with each installation.

We invite any inquiries regarding our solutions and our support services.  Call us at (248) 655-0005 to speak with a team member.