Oplogic Solutions

Oplogic CRM offers the industry’s most advanced single solution to effectively & efficiently manage your customers and business operations. With our suite of powerful components, Oplogic is redefining dealership strategies by staying one step ahead of consumer expectations. Together these features provide leading-edge technologies that help you operate your business to its highest potential. This image gives a glimpse of the many featured components.

Reporting Features:

  • Real-time information on salesperson performance
  • Real-time information on customer buying trends
  • Real-time information on the effectiveness of advertising/marketing programs, including revenue generated
  • The frequency of salesperson followup
  • Real-time showroom traffic monitoring
  • F&I reporting and analysis
  • Scoreboard of real-time activity for walk-ins, phone ups, and internet leads

Tracking Features:

  • Cataloging names, addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers of customers
  • Managing customer contact preferences and the National Do-Not-Call Registry
  • Linking the customer to a salesperson. Prevent skating
  • Creating a client database that salespeople can use to follow-up with customers including easy and flexible report generation
  • Daily work plan generation
  • The system creates a series of prospect and/or Customer Relationship letters (“Thank You”, “Service Reminder”, etc.)
  • These letters can be sent by Oplogic or by the client


Your greatest asset is your database of loyal customers and equally important is capturing every prospect that reaches out to you. The Oplogic easy to use web-based CRM tools ensure that your sales staff is successful in securely and efficiently managing a dialogue with every prospect lead and customer. Our CRM tools offer intuitive email and reporting solutions which make it easier for your sales reps and your managers to most efficiently & effectively do their jobs. As technology changes our lives, Oplogic is redefining dealership strategies by staying one step ahead of consumer expectations with leading-edge technologies to help you operate your business to its highest potential.

Oplogic is a Premium General Motors CRM partner.

Supported franchises:

  • Sales performance
  • Advertising effectiveness measurement
  • Internet Lead Management, bi-directional lead management with texting and efficiency time reporting and performance metrics
  • Real-time web-based sales reports
  • Numbers fuel full suite of finance and backend penetration reports
  • Lease portfolio management
  • Daily work plan with appointment manager
  • Orphan management
  • Call monitoring -Simple inbound/outbound call tracking, recording
  • Automated texting tools which offer a higher level of customer satisfaction include Sales & Service appointment reminders, surveys, recall notices and various appropriate communications
  • 100% Web Based. No system slowdowns no matter how many emails distributed
  • Complete customer follow up system (includes Email and Text notifications)
  • Email blasting with Email Template manager/Email append
  • Advanced HTML email template creator
  • Email templates easily compatible with images, videos, and attachments
  • No limits to number of templates, emails distributed, or users
  • Customer response emails captured and tracked real-time
  • Easy automation of outgoing emails to all appropriate customer demographics
  • Easy reporting tracks which emails bounce, get opened and are replied to
  • Optical transfer of driver’s license data into a usable database
  • NCOA Automated updates-Updates your customer’s addresses automatically
  • Automated follow-up letters
  • Email validation/ verification- checks and validates emails to prevent email lists from being “blacklisted”

Lead Operator

Our Certified OEM Internet Lead Management system streamlines delegation and responsiveness to internet leads in real time with email, phone, and text.

  • 100% Web Based. No system slowdowns no matter how many leads received
  • No limits to number of templates, emails distributed, or users
  • Leads received in real-time
  • Text and Email notifications to your management instantly as leads come in
  • Flexible interface for on-the-fly assignment of leads within your sales team
  • Seamless integration of internet leads with full Showroom Operations, CRM
  • Skate Protection for Internet managers and sales managers alike
  • Response tools available by mobile device for improved response times
  • Simple reports track response times, history, and effectiveness of lead providers


Single & Multi-Store Centralized BDC Solutions 

With the ever-changing technology in the retail world, Business Development Centers (BDC) are more important than ever. With all the challenges that arise in monitoring and managing a BDC, it can be exhausting to simply operate at the level of expectation you demand. Our Business Development Center functionality for single and multiple rooftops is proficiently supported within the CRM and ILM. Business development associates and managers can easily be assigned tasks to assist in Internet & Telephony leads, unsold follow-up, sold follow-up, service follow-up and much more. For multiple rooftop dealership groups, an associate can conveniently view and complete tasks across all stores. Performance & monitoring reports are available for tracking how well your associates set appointments and any actionable tasks with those customers. Since Oplogic’s CRM is utilized throughout the sales cycle and across all departments, it improves interdepartmental communication, while delivering total accountability. We can easily customize process triggers and adjust reporting features to our software to fit any size department from one person to several agents covering one or multiple rooftops.

Call & Text Operator

Virtual internet-based call recording and media analysis management system that tracks and records all sales calls (inbound/outbound) and those numbers associated with particular advertising and promotional campaigns. Text Operator is a dynamic two-way text-messaging platform that empowers auto dealerships to communicate with customers. Text Operator is TCPA compliant with full customer opt-out capabilities.


  • Digital call recording will stretch your advertising dollars and increase sales
  • Unique phone numbers track which ads make the phone ring, eliminate the rest
  • Follow-up every lead you generate, even when the phone was not answered
  • Automatically capture caller information including name, address and phone number
  • Review and record outbound calls to track sales follow-up
  • Digital call recording will stretch your advertising dollars and increase sales
  • Unique phone numbers track which ads make the phone ring, eliminate the rest
  • Follow-up every lead you generate, even when the phone was not answered
  • Automatically capture caller information including name, address and phone number
  • Review and record outbound calls to track sales follow-up

Desk Operator

Integrated rates, rebates, and incentives – real-time integrated captive lending rates with OEM rebates and incentives, both VIN and ZIP specific, updated in real time. Ability to pull current bank rates and shop banks against each other based on payment call and structure. Help eliminate chargebacks from non-stackable incentives. Full customer visibility – Have a full lifecycle for each customer, detailing their buying habits and history including front and back end spend. Whether you’re a single point or multipoint store, you’ll know who you’re dealing with in real-time.

Desk Operator offers the most in-depth and robust processes on the market. Our unique flexibility allows the dealership to create custom processes that are representative of how you want your dealership to operate. With Desk Operator you can set, start, switch or end a process based on how you do business. Additional tools help identify opportunity or profit losses in a dealership making them easier to harness and filter into revenue streams

Professional pricing proposals at your fingertips; multi-scenario views, 3-squares, 4-squares and quick loan/lease structures. Customize your deal jackets so your forms are one click away, helping decrease your customers’ time in the dealership and increasing their dealership experience.

    • Industry-leading desking “payment wizard” allows sales managers to quickly process a customer’s deal by providing real times access to vehicle inventory through DMS integration.
    • The calculator will offer a 4-square finance/lease payment options with a printable menu of vehicle equipment and costs.
    • Front-end financials inclusive of vehicle data are linked to our F&I menu, further streamlining the sales process.
    • Real-time credit bureau access, paperless document processing, and management.
    • Calculated deal pre-populates Credit Application
    • All four pay options print on custom professional worksheet
    • Deal also includes front gross and lender reserve calculations
    • Live (real-time) captive lending rates, leasing residuals, and manufacturer incentive rebates.

Finance Operator

Our flexible and integrated F&I menu, date and time stamped, is fully compliant.

  • Flexible interface allows custom backend product categories and any number of products that mold to your store’s offerings
  • Configurable premiums allow on-the-fly menu preparation
  • “Customer Mode” allows menu preparation without numbers displayed
  • Time-stamped and dated Accept-Declination page printable for every deal
  • Fully integrated with payment calculations created by sales team, and credit application
  • Four scenarios presented, with three monthly payment options presented within each offering
  • Monthly payment calculations supported by Carleton Calculations

Exchange Operator

Exchange Operator is one of the leading customer lead generation and equity mining solution available. Instantly Identifying untapped revenue and sales opportunities.

  • Know which clients have equity in their current vehicle based on their financial profile and service history
  • Know which clients are ready to trade out of their existing vehicle for a new equivalent vehicle and offer a lower or same monthly payment
  • Know when your clients are in your service department and alert their sales associate
  • Know instantly which clients are eligible for current factory incentives

DMS Integration

The backbone of every auto dealership is their Dealer Management System (DMS) and all effective ancillary systems need to be fully compatible with the DMS.

Oplogic solutions have real-time certified push/pull integration with most DMS providers including Reynolds and Reynolds, CDK, Dealertrack DMS, AutoMate, and MPK. Oplogic also integrates with RouteOne, Dealertrack Credit Application Services, and vAuto.

Through Oplogic, dealer staff can view appointments, inventory, service information, customer data, and F&I transactions that are populated in the CRM platform.

Data Cleansing

Every year approximately forty million Americans move their place of residence and/or business, but their old addresses often remain in mailer’s databases.

As a result, mailings continue to go to old addresses and not the new ones. It is estimated that at least 8% of all mail is undeliverable because of incorrect addresses.

This means lost opportunities, lost sales, and wasted money. Our solution helps clients keep customer data updated and fresh to maximize promotional opportunities.

Oplogic helps dealers keep track of clients, even when they move to a new home.

National Change Of Address

Oplogic and National Change of Address (NCOA) database make available current change of address information that can help reduce your undeliverable mail. Addressing errors are identified and corrected before mail enters the mail stream. Accessing NCOA saves thousands of dollars that would have been spent on wasted materials and postage. In addition, valuable customer names that would have been lost have been updated to receive current and future mailings.

Email Appends

Email change of address service helps you maintain the accuracy and integrity of the customer email addresses on your database, decrease undeliverable email and increase your customer retention. Clients leverage our system to reduce customer acquisition costs by maintaining an online dialogue with current customers. And, customer feedback can be utilized to fine-tune operations to better meet customers’ needs.

Compliance Operator

Oplogic provides patented software that instantly authenticates the information on a customer’s ID by cross-referencing the information through multiple databases.

Simply scanning a piece of government-issued identification:

  • Instantly records relevant information about the client
  • Instantly authenticates that person’s identity
  • Instantly provides a series of reports and real-time information that can positively impact how your dealership manages your customers
  • Creates a client database that salespeople use to follow-up with customers including easy and flexible report generation
  • Daily work plan generation

Cross-referenced data for:

  • Accuracy/Authenticity
  • Fraudulent Activity
  • OFAC list (USA Patriot Act)
  • State Repeat Offender


Oplogic provides best of class training, support, and guidance on best practices for your dealership for use of the platform and 24/7 technical support.

  • Oplogic has built a strong reputation for unparalleled customer service
  • Service starts with the initial installation and training of your entire staff and continues through the life of the contract
  • Technical or hardware concerns are addressed at any time by our engineering team, online, over the phone, or on site
  • Oplogic offers ongoing training of new staff or familiarizing existing staff with new features and management utilities is all part of the service
  • The Oplogic commitment to training and support delivers increased sales and profits. Oplogic agreements are month-to-month so it is in our best interest to have well trained and satisfied clients. We continually strive to educate dealership staff on best practices and procedures

Service Operator

Cross-promote opportunities between fixed and variable operations with appointment and repair order (RO) alerts to your staff.  Incorporating, Text Operator in the service drive allows users to text service customer’s appointment reminders, estimate/RO updates, etc.

Mobile Operator

Mobile Operator allows a user to quickly enter a customer into the database using their cell phone all while running their identity and authentication against various different state and federal databases.  Mobile Operator provides remote access and allows management to check daily store performance from anywhere in the world.


Trigger an outbound phone call from your sales or BDC associates to a prospect within 30 seconds of an internet lead being submitted, increasing the success rate of appointments and deliveries.  When a prospect is called within one minute of their inquiry, conversion rates are 391% higher.  QuickConnect allows your dealership to communicate with a customer while they are still browsing your website.

Oplogic Digital Retailing Manager

Oplogic Digital retailing is designed to keep the dealer in control of the customer experience.  Integrated into Oplogic Desk Manager, Oplogic Digital Retailing Manager provides unlimited vehicles and deal structures to be presented to the customer for approval. The process meets the digital needs of most consumers while the dealership remains in control of the deal structure. From the dealer’s website, the customer identifies the vehicles of interest, dealership texts or emails unlimited number of deal options for approval, customer reviews and  digitally approves, customer securely uploads stip documents to dealership, customer is authenticated by dealership and confirms delivery time and location.

Oplogic Consumer Authentication

“Deliver with Confidence”! Consumer fraud is an increasing concern in many dealerships. The excitement and acceptance of digital retailing as also attracted more criminals. Integrated into Oplogic CRM or as a standalone solution, Oplogic Consumer Authentication is a patented, “real time” solution to validate that your customer is who they say they are, at test drive or before delivery. It is impossible for dealership personnel to identify synthetic Identity fraud without the use of third-party data. Oplogic Consumer Authentication uses over 100 disparate data bases to provide real-time authentication, and remediation to protect dealership assets and deliver with confidence. Satisfied OFAC and Red Flag requirements