Frequently Asked Questions
Who is Oplogic?

Oplogic (formally Wilson Technologies) was established in 2000, with its headquarters in Metro Detroit Michigan. Oplogic has evolved to be one of the leading automotive solutions for simplifying dealer operations by providing intuitive tools for CRM, Internet Lead Management, Telephony, BDC, Inventory, Desking, F&I, Compliance, Equity and Training services. Oplogic has many recognized dealerships and dealer groups as clients.

What products does Oplogic offer?

Oplogic offers a full suite of dealer operation software, from driver’s license scanning with authentication (patented service), CRM, Desking, 100% in/outbound call tracking with QuickConnect ™, mobile app, equity mining, lead management, guaranteed rates, and residuals, texting, and enterprise reporting.

What are your contract terms?

Oplogic is proud of our dealer clients long-term tenure with Oplogic.  Oplogic contract term is 30 days. We believe Oplogic should earn your business each day, each month.  Many clients have been loyal to Oplogic for 10+ years.

What makes Oplogic unique?

At Oplogic we are committed to being the best, not the biggest. Our solutions were developed in-house by Oplogic developers in Michigan.  All our products are built on a single database providing seamless integration and outstanding accountability. Oplogic holds the patent for drivers license scanning with authentication upon recording the customer in CRM. Oplogic tightly couples customer contacts between all departments including 100% of inbound and outbound phone calls. We are 100% committed to having satisfied clients supporting our business philosophy of being the best not the biggest. Learn more at https://www.oplogic.com/faqs/

If I switch systems how is my data migrated?

We have experience migrating data from all the major CRM/DMS companies. We can migrate data from virtually any system. If your dealership is considering switching DMS providers, we recommend upgrading to the Oplogic/CRM systems. This will provide for the optimal data conversion


What DMS providers integrate with Oplogic?

Oplogic has certified integrations with the major DMS companies. We are continually developing integrations with other providers and partners.

Which manufacturers integrate with Oplogic?

Oplogic is certified by nearly all automotive manufacturers. Additionally, Oplogic is a General Motors Premium CRM partner. Click here for more details. 

Are you General Motors Premium CRM certified?

Oplogic is certified by nearly all automotive manufacturers. Additionally, Oplogic is a General Motors Premium CRM partner. Read more at http://cms.oplogic.com/oplogic-sets-the-pace-with-gm-premium-crm-launch/.

View the Press Release on the GM Program

How does your support program process work?

Our support is unmatched in the industry. Because we developed our applications in-house, our client support team is intimately familiar with each application. Our support team resides in the same office as our developers, resulting in questions being quickly answered.  Support calls are answered promptly by a live person located at our office in Michigan, so this means you’ll speak to a team member who can assist you in solving your issue. Support is available 7×24.  Read more at https://www.oplogic.com/faqs/


What is your training program?

Training is performed at the dealership and conducted by Oplogic CSM client support representatives). Your dealership will build a relationship with the CSM that will include quarterly dealer utilization and follow up meetings at no additional charge. Learn more at https://www.oplogic.com/faqs/


Still need help? Send us a note!

For any other questions, please write us or call us at (248) 655-0005.