Dealer Comments on Oplogic Solutions

“Oplogic has been a core strategic partner for the Suburban Collection to curb identity theft for our 45 franchises since 2003. They have worked with our managers to customize sales & compliance solutions that work within and even enhance our workflow. Their identity authentication system has satisfied the new Red Flags requirements for several years while increasing our production. If there was a better and more cost-effective platform of tools on the market we would be using it.”

David Fischer, Jr.

General Manager, The Suburban Collection

“Oplogic (Wilson Technologies) has been a great addition to our dealership. We are fortunate to work with such a top-notch support group whom truly understand our needs in the automotive business. Their support staff is the best, understanding and responsive at all times. Their system is packed with everything I need to keep track of my day to day operations. Easy to use and our business is so much better with them as a partner.”

Steve Maneotis

Dealer Principal, Victory Motors- Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, RAM

“We avoided the loss of a $40,000 car one week after we signed up for the Oplogic (Wilson Technologies) System.”   See details.

Wally Schwartz

Dealer Principal, Superior Nissan - Dearborn, MI

“Oplogic (Wilson Technologies) is an outstanding and ideal software. With the ever-increasing requirements necessary to conduct business, Wilson Technologies enables one to conduct business effortlessly and seamlessly with great results. Working without Wilson Technologies is comparable to working without a computer today.”

Mustafa Al-Omari

Finance Manager, Suburban Chrysler Dodge Jeep RAM - Novi, MI

“The warning from the local dealer association came the next day. Oplogic (Wilson Technologies) saved a conversion van from being stolen and avoided potential harm to a salesperson on a test drive when it mattered.”

Jim Witmer

General Manager, Avis Ford - Southfield, MI

“We saved a vehicle from a clear case of identity theft in May 2008. The customer in our showroom did not look like the driver license scan from a previous delivery. We would never have caught it without Oplogic (Wilson Technologies).”

Scott Montgomery

Sales Manager, Les Stanford Chevrolet - Dearborn, MI